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Prinzenzeit – Fuji X10 Gallery

… some more images from my fuji x 10, choosing between canon mk 3, leica m3, fuji x10 & iPhone is really exhausting sometimes. but the results are interesting by comparing same sceneries and shots from the different cams. i still have to check the hundreds of pictures i took with the canon 5d mk 3… so theres gonna be more soon.

Shortfilm – Prinzenzeit * Korsika

This film is dedicated to my girl and our fantastic dog…

Everyting was shot during our vacation on the wonderful island Corsica.
Three really inspiring weeks – camping underneath eucalyptus trees, wandering on wide beaches and wonderful landscapes which were breathtaking.
It´s always the same when i´m travelling – always having to compromise between gazing through the viewfinder and taking time to relax from work.

Tools: Canon 5d mk 3, Canon 24-105mm, Nd Fader, small hd dp4 evf.

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Moodboard for a free Project.


working on a 2D animation with still Photography…stay tuned.