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Prinzenzeit – Fuji X10 Gallery

… some more images from my fuji x 10, choosing between canon mk 3, leica m3, fuji x10 & iPhone is really exhausting sometimes. but the results are interesting by comparing same sceneries and shots from the different cams. i still have to check the hundreds of pictures i took with the canon 5d mk 3… so theres gonna be more soon.

Denis Moschitto – Geboren

Jumpcuts and camou* collaborating in this video/photo fusion project.

A day with the german actor Denis Moschitto showing the struggle within the creative process of his first screenplay writing. The scenario was built to inspire the actor to move freely. No further directions were given…

A photo and film fusion project.

Music by: Rene Schwiers
Location: c/o – Aachen

camou – design+concept+photography

Neue Dinge werden kommen…

mit JUMPCUTS/CAMOU* und Denis Moschitto.



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