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Prinzenzeit – Fuji X10 Gallery

… some more images from my fuji x 10, choosing between canon mk 3, leica m3, fuji x10 & iPhone is really exhausting sometimes. but the results are interesting by comparing same sceneries and shots from the different cams. i still have to check the hundreds of pictures i took with the canon 5d mk 3… so theres gonna be more soon.

Shortfilm – Prinzenzeit * Korsika

This film is dedicated to my girl and our fantastic dog…

Everyting was shot during our vacation on the wonderful island Corsica.
Three really inspiring weeks – camping underneath eucalyptus trees, wandering on wide beaches and wonderful landscapes which were breathtaking.
It´s always the same when i´m travelling – always having to compromise between gazing through the viewfinder and taking time to relax from work.

Tools: Canon 5d mk 3, Canon 24-105mm, Nd Fader, small hd dp4 evf.

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Colorgrading – Walk With Me


CANON 5D MARK 3 – Technicolor Cinestyle

here are some screenshots of the raw footage i shot 1280×720 60fps ALL-I.

i used the same Technicolor Picturestyle i had on my Canon mark2 and made no adjustments at all. Colortemperature was set to daylight, i also used a Lightcraft Nd Fader which i think gives a bit warmer colortone to the footage.

I didn´t use any sharpening filter in the Post, i was thinking about it but then decided not to, because i wanted to show whats possible without it.

When i saw Philip Blooms review after i shot my film i was a bit surprised that he had the same feeling the image could be a bit sharper. I was shooting very freestyle no tripod and open apperture so it sure can be sharper, but nice to hear that sh

arpening in post works better than with the mark 2.