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“einmal das traumbike aufbauen” CHECK*


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Photoshoot with camou*

Photoshoot with Chris Amouzou / camou*



Denis Moschitto – Geboren

Jumpcuts and camou* collaborating in this video/photo fusion project.

A day with the german actor Denis Moschitto showing the struggle within the creative process of his first screenplay writing. The scenario was built to inspire the actor to move freely. No further directions were given…

A photo and film fusion project.

Music by: Rene Schwiers
Location: c/o – Aachen

camou – design+concept+photography

Neue Dinge werden kommen…

mit JUMPCUTS/CAMOU* und Denis Moschitto.

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Colorgrading – Walk With Me


CANON 5D MARK 3 – Technicolor Cinestyle

here are some screenshots of the raw footage i shot 1280×720 60fps ALL-I.

i used the same Technicolor Picturestyle i had on my Canon mark2 and made no adjustments at all. Colortemperature was set to daylight, i also used a Lightcraft Nd Fader which i think gives a bit warmer colortone to the footage.

I didn´t use any sharpening filter in the Post, i was thinking about it but then decided not to, because i wanted to show whats possible without it.

When i saw Philip Blooms review after i shot my film i was a bit surprised that he had the same feeling the image could be a bit sharper. I was shooting very freestyle no tripod and open apperture so it sure can be sharper, but nice to hear that sh

arpening in post works better than with the mark 2.


A Shortfilm i shot with the new Canon 5D Mark III last weekend, there was nothing more than the three of us that morning. It was a total free shooting, all Images accured in the moment.

I tried to capture the relation between these 2 friends as nearby as i could without beeing cheesy.
Was e great experience finally using the 5d mark 3 after shooting 2 1/2 Years with the mark 2.
Really got some features i was waiting for, more will be on my Blog soon.

Actor: Damian Rojkowski (Avzán) & Diana
Music: Tony Anderson ” Hold On”

Gear: Canon 5d mk 3, Zacuto rig, Redrock, Zeiss 21mm,50mm,85mm, canon 70-200,monopod.


“Apocalypsis” von Mario Giordano ist ein digitaler Serienroman, der als App im Apple Store, als Leseversion für E-Reader, als Hörbuch und als Hör- und Lese-Kombination angeboten wird.

Hier ein weiterer Film aus der ersten Episode.

Client: Bastei Lübbe
Agency: Codevise Ltd.
Producer: Jumpcuts
Director: Daniel Kosch , Dino Franke
DoP: D. Babendreyer
Editing: D.Babendreyer
Lighting technician: Peter Joppen
Sound Design: Marco Schardinel