A Shortfilm i shot with the new Canon 5D Mark III, there was nothing more than the three of us that morning.
It was a total free shooting, all Images accured when i saw them.
I tried to capture the relation between these 2 friends as nearby as i could without beeing cheesy.
It was a great experience finally using the 5d mark 3 after shooting 2 1/2 Years with the mark 2.
Really got some features i was waiting for, more will be on my blog soon.

Actor: AVZAN & Diana
Music: Tony Anderson ” Hold On”

Gear: Canon 5d mk 3, Zacuto rig, Small Hd Dp6,Redrock followfocus blue, Zeiss 21mm,50mm,85mm, canon 70-200mm ,Manfrotto monopod.

Skills: Film, Music Videos